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What Are We?

Jamie Peloquin Design is a small, full-service design studio located in Freeport, Maine, founded by designer Jamie Peloquin. With well over a decade dedicated to helping the Web become a more standards-compliant, usable and attractive place to be. We know we can deliver a Web site users can enjoy and actually use.

What Do We Do?

We are well versed in Web, print, corporate identity, video and environmental graphic design, we are focused on designing and hand-crafting Web standards-based, highly-usable, accessible and attractive Web sites and applications. Here is a bit of what we can do for you:

  • Web Site Design and Development: Whether it is a purely informational site or a full-blown Web Application, we can provide standards-compliant, simple, highly-usable, accessible and attractive Web sites.
  • Web Site Redesign: We can give your site a fresh look or convert your existing site to a streamlined and standards-compliant Web site using XHTML and CSS.
  • Web Site Optimization: We can streamline your markup and styling, making it faster, more efficient and easier to manage.
  • Web Consultation: Ideas on how to make your Web site work better for you, your readers and your clients.
  • Corporate Identity and Logo Design: We can create a logo or a full corporate identity package for you, that truly reflects your company or organization.
  • Print Design We can give new life to your promotional and informational print materials. Whether you need an annual report or a poster, we can provide a clear and engaging design.

Who Are We?

Jamie Peloquin

Jamie is a graphic designer and award-winning documentary film maker living in Freeport, Maine. Jamie began his career designing publications, Web sites and as a graphic artist for local newspapers. Jamie gained a lot of experience working in New York, at Chermayeff & Geismar, designing for clients such as Major League Baseball, Domus Magazine, Feed (online magazine) and the Columbia School of Journalism. Feeling the need to return to Maine, Jamie came back working as Production Manager, Senior Designer and Creative Director at web and design studios before setting up shop full-time in Freeport.

Bits & Bytes

  • Web Standards?

    Web Standards are a set of guidelines that help ensure that everyone has access to the information being provided to them on the Web. It also allows developers to produce Web sites faster, more streamlined and enjoyable to use and build. Web standards allow people with special needs (such as blindness) using an audible-browser, or for someone using a handheld device to get the same information as everyone else.

    For more information on Web Standards, visit the Web Standards Project, or the World Wide Web Consortium.

  • What Tools Do We Use Creating Web Sites?

    We always look at what the best tools and solutions are for the job at hand. Quite often, those solutions include XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL, hosted by a Linux-based server.

    All of our code is written by hand (using BBEdit and CSSEdit) and our graphics are created using a robust blend of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

  • Documentary Films

    Jamie Peloquin is also cofounder of TypeCulture Films, with type designer, Mark Jamra. Together, they have made several mini-documentaries on type-related topics. They also made an award-winning documentary short titled Harold. Harold has gone on to win the Maine Documentary Film Competition (2005), an official selections at the EthnoFilmFest in Berlin (2007), and the Anchorage International Film Festival (2005); shown at the Maine International Film Festival (2005) and Camden International Film Festival (2005).