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StuffTrakker.comJack McDonald, of JEMME, Inc., came to us with an interesting idea - storing your home inventory online, in case of flood, fire, theft, etc… There was plenty of software that could keep track of this for you, but the biggest problem with those applications were that it kept all of your information on your personal computer! If there was a flood, fire or theft, what good will that do? We thought it was a fantastic idea, and one that we could create an very easy and fun way of using.

My Stuff Items List - Stufftrakker.comThere were two parts of this project, first was the design of the logo, second was the design and development of the Web site. The logo was designed around the concept that StuffTrakker was an online collection bin for all of your stuff, and what better collection bin than a box? The box became a great springboard for a set of icons and graphics used throughout StuffTrakker.com.

StuffTrakker logo and sample icons

Add Item form on StuffTrakker.comThe most important requirement was that StuffTrakker had to be easy to use. Working with programmer Nate Morse, we designed and developed a very intuitive and self-explanatory interface for adding categories and items, as well as uploading images, documents and entering information speific to each item. We also designed a printable checklist to aid StuffTrakkers going through their house recording and photographing all of their important items.

We continue maintaining and improving StuffTrakker as well designing promotional material.


  • Our Project Roles

    • Logo Design
    • Icon Package
    • Web Site Design
    • WordPress Theme Design and Markup
    • PHP, Javascript and MySQL (in cooperation with Nate Morse)