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Maine Historical Society: Sitebuilder

Maine Historical Society: SitebuilderThe Maine Historical Society came to us with the idea of building a multi-themed, template-based Web site building system which they could market to their contributors and other smaller historical societies in Maine. The requirements were that all of the various styles had to share the exact same XHTML markup. The only variable could be the CSS, which would control the overall style of the Web site, the color and font choices.

Maine Historical Society: Sitebuilder - Mod themeThe initial themes are Mod [right] and Papyrus. Mod is the more modern-feeling style, using many gradients and rounded corners. Papyrus takes on a more classical and open look, with minimal borders and plenty of white-space. Both styles share the same color schemes, currently three to choose from and serif and sans-serif font styles.

We continue working with Maine Historical Society maintaining their existing Web sites and working on Sitebuilder.


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