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Aurora Novus

AuroraNovus.comJosé Azel from Aurora Photos approached Jamie Peloquin Design, in the Fall of 2008, to design and develop a website to showcase projects from their new digital storytelling branch (Aurora Novus) and act as a Project Management site for their existing digital video clients. The site had to be both eye-catching and easy for website users and clients to navigate and understand.

Video display - AuroraNovus.comShowing off their latest video/digital storytelling projects was key to this new site. We decided to isolate the video while playing, in an overlay on top of the current web page, and to show pertinent information about the video (title, length). In order to accommodate for the high traffic and bandwidth necessary for video delivery, we turned to Amazon.com’s S3 web services.

Client Area AuroraNovus.comAurora Novus has several clients projects to manage and update. To help facilitate this, we built a secure client area, where Aurora clients can log in and review and see the current status of their projects, as well as the final videos of any past projects they had with Aurora. This area allows the Aurora Novus production team to easily post new edits and production notes for a client to review.

SiteKeeper CMS - AuroraNovus.comPowering all of this is our SiteKeeper content management system. With a few custom modules, Aurora is able to keep thier content fresh and add new clients and projects with ease.

We continue maintaining and improving Aurora Novus.


  • Our Project Roles

    • Web Site Design
    • PHP, Javascript and MySQL
    • SiteKeeper CMS Back-end
    • WordPress Theme Design and Markup
    • Amazon S3 Integration